NBA 2K18 App Reviews

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Plz lower the data

I love the game everything is all fine but can you plz by any chance don’t change anything but the size and storage of the game

Fix greens

When ever I get greens it misses most of the time instead of having a swish. FIX GREENS THEY CANT EVEN MAKE OPEN SHOTS IM GETTING SO MANY MISSED OPEN SHOTS WTH

Great Game.. But..

Great Game, But... it keeps forgetting the settings I set for it, like the “Controller Size” etc... Also, It stops recording Points Average per game after a few games... And Finally: Theres No Offensive of Rebounds Button on the NBA2K15 Controller < Please Fix That; I hate the other country controllers. — Request: Please Print Out List of Name’s the Announcer is Able to pronounce, lol.

Wifi only?

Why do we need wifi to connect to the server/play the game at all? I cant even get past the main menu without needing wifi only. I find this really pointless since now you can only play while you are at your home or somewhere with internet, because LTE isnt enough or something

Great game just one minor issue

I been in love with the 2k franchises since I was a kid and I think that the developers did a great job on porting the game over to mobile, there’s just one issue with the game. When I’m in a my career game and my player gets fouled the shot meter gets stuck and I can’t shoot my free throws, but other than that it’s an amazing representation of its console and pc counter parts.

This game blows.

The announcers make so many mistakes. Try think Elfrid Payton is Lebron James, saying “here comes James”. Also, I will walk up to a player and he will push me out of bounds and I will get a turnover. Also, the way the players make their shots is total BS. They will go on a 30-0 run and not miss a single shot. They take these fadeaway threes and they drain them. Fix this NOW.

Nice game

It’s amazing keep doing what your doing devs I love it


Good game but there is a frustrating bug thAt should be fixed. My career after my character answered the press the thing will just freeze though i waited and tap it, it doesnt work. U gott fix this bug. Months later the bug is still there, This is so inconsiderate and unbelievable.

Used to love it.

Now is insanely laggy and won’t even let me play a game on my new iPad Pro

Keeps taking my money

spent money on vc and game crashed lost everything this happened twice......can’t get in contact with anyone to fix it....I spent 15$ I need my vc back or a refund please thank you

Great, a little glitchy

I loved the game, better than nba live but had some minor glitches. 🏀👍🏻

Never buy this game

I have never written a review for a game in my life. However, after the horrendous glitches and absolutely atrocious costumer service I felt it was more than necessary. This game glitches constantly, it becomes unplayable at times. Creating a player is fun for a season or two, and then you hit the playoff glitch which practically erases all of the time and money you’ve spent on the game. I went as far as contacting 2K to ask if their was anything they could do to help me after their game broke less then 2 days after purchasing it. I had (regrettably) spent money on VC, which was all erased following the game glitching and no longer allowing me to play as my player. 2Ks response was to either make a new player and just throw away the money I had spent, or go ahead and spend $60 on the Xbox version which will be outdated in a month. According to them the Xbox version is more reliable and I shouldn’t lose money I spent on there. BUT WHY PUT OUT A MOBILE GAME IF ITS UNRELIABLE AND GOING TO EAT PEOPLES MONEY!?!? I have spent a week talking to costumer service and ultimately given up. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER 2K GAME IN MY LIFE. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Might as well take that money and just flush it down the toilet. Practically the same thing.


Make my team online


Game is a waste of my 7.99 my career lags way too much not worth it💯

Good but

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2K18 Trash!

I will love to tell you why this game is so wack bc when I’m playing the game and I was down by 5 in the third I sit out the entire 4th qrt I can’t control that but still I get robbed the entire game basically for not playing and the clock is my opponent not the other teams please fix that crap! I spent $10 on this wack game I want a refund for real but here is your 1 star 2k ...

Needs fixing/Supercell much?

This has been my favorite game for the past 2 months! Career mode is my favorite but it’s kind of long. Not to mention the many bugs here. First, for whatever reason, every time I play blacktop and win, the game crashes and I don’t get any 2K bucks. Speaking of digital currency, why should we waste any more money on this game buying fake money in the game when we’ve already spent $8.00 on this? what is 2K? Supercell? Third, this isn’t too much of an issue, I was playing in MyCareer mode against the Chicago Bulls and when Payne got the ball, the announcer said “Now here is LeBron”. I thought it was a simple little glitch but it continued for the rest of the game! This needs to be fixed. That is the end of my review. You are lucky I didn’t put 1 star.

My career file crashed on me and deleted😡😡

Don’t get me wrong i love this game.... but I was just playing my career and when I got a steal and and I went to pass the ball and my teammate went up for a dunk it did the little highlight thing it started glitching and acting funny so I closed out of the app and went to back into it and it acted like I hadn’t even been playing the game... I put so much time and effort into this game I even spent at least 60 dollars on the game and now that my whole file is gone I don’t think I’ll be playing this game again unless this is fixed very very soon and if possible my file is returned... I was playing on the iPhone 6 before and put a lot of work on that phone as well but recently I got the 8 and couldn’t figure out a way to transfer my account over but on that I didn’t have any problems not a single one every thing worked perfectly but as soon as I got the 8 everything was acting up... so maybe you guys have something wrong with the iPhone 8 i wouldn’t know though... all I want is my account back though and if that’s not possible refund me some of money back so I can at least bring back another player of of where my other playing was playing at.. I am extremely mad a about this whole situation... I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and if ur new to the game I highly suggest not spending money in the in store because this may happen to you and there might not be a way of getting it back😡😡😡

Association draft problem

When you try the association draft it takes a half hour to complete if you want to do it yourself. I would like to skip to my next turn if possible instead of waiting to draft. Please fix this problem.

Pleas fix.

It’s a great game, but it won’t let me continue through the first round of the playoffs even though I win. It won’t show me another opponent for me to play against.

Season mode is awesome

I love this game I play it daily.Get this game

Full Nimbus Compatibility, please?

Please work on an update to be fully compatible with the SteelSeries Nimbus controller. While in games, the controller is phenomenal. However, I have to pause the game, turn off the controller, resume game via touch, just to shoot my free throws. The controller does not work with selecting menu options or even resuming paused game. ONLY while in game. On another note, when someone falls for a pump fake and jumps into me, or if I run someone over, no fouls are called. Also, in My Career Mode, the record is stuck at 25-6, and I am playing a 82 games season with only 3 games left before the playoffs. It would be great to see a one or more updates to address these issues. That's the only reason for 3 stars. Other than that, The game is great on my iPhone X! Gameplay is great! Graphics are great! Well worth the money.

It’s okay

My files crash sometimes. Overall it’s a fairly good game.

Nba2k18 need to upgrade

I can’t get past the playoffs and I lost all my mt

How to resign players in association mode?

Does anyone know how to resign players in association mode?

Makes my phone super hot and lags

I Like this game but when I can’t play a full game because is lagging for 7.99 and it makes my phone super hot and I have an iPhone 8 Plus that not good you guys need to fix this

The Bad

I won the game now the game keep on crashing what’s to do😡😓

My Career/Lack of Fouls

Okay there are some fouling in the game but literally, my player jumps on another player and it’s not called. I’ve tried it on Quick Game and everything seemed fine. It is just MyCareer that is just bugged out. 🤔 Also Cloth Simulation doesn’t work in MyCareer but it works with other game modes.


I had the game before but i uninstalled it but now that I’m trying to install it again it’s not letting me cuz it’s saying put my old card number in but i don’t remember an i don’t want to put my new card number and it charges me again cuz I’ve already paid. So what do i do ?

I want a refund

I want a refund



Really good but some advice

The concept is awesome but I’m used to playing nba mobile so can you move the buttons

Game good but need fix

I bought 50000vc and it say give 40000 free then it didn’t gave any , neither the second one I bought .!

AlterNet jerseys

Need alternate jerseys like that you walls Warriors Cavs OKC every team


why does this game always crash?, need to be fixed, always on my good game and d the app crash


I like the game and it’s a great game to kill time or if your bored and stuff but y’all need to add a multiplayer mode and stuff like the park and pro-am and also stuff like my team.

Can’t get past first round of playoffs

I swept the first round of playoffs and now I can’t proceed. After the last game I won there’s nothing on the calendar and I can’t find a way to proceed. Please fix this or help me or something and I’ll rate this game a 5 star, cuz it really is a fun game. I just want to proceed in the playoffs.

This game Stupid

This game stupid bro omm, when I was about to win the nba finals in my career I dropped like 50 points on the finals and they kicked me out the game and when I got back on, it was all at first quarter again 😠


This game jus deleted my f******* career everytime i open it , it closes wtf❗️

Please fix the Play-Offs Crashing

I gave this game 5 stars because I Really love this game, but I can’t get farther than the playoffs because it just crashes after the playoffs and it doesn’t let me play other NBA games, and I would really love to play in the finals, so please fix this.

Best game

Great game but once in career mode I was outside of the 3 point line and some guy jumped on me and I fell over. I lost the ball and got a turnover instead of drawing a foul. That is my only complaint

Close to 5 stars

First off, the game is so much better this year. There are just a few things I would like to see change 1. You can’t call plays, you either run around in isolation or you let the computer set up the same play over and over and over again. I was playing the Warriors and they kept running what was basically 63 Fist from 2K15, which was so cheese. 2. If you cut, then it is an automatic bad call for pass even if you are wide open 3. Alternate jerseys are old and outdated, please replace with the new statement edition 4. Please add a MyTeam mode, would make the game so much better 5. Legends from the all-time teams need to be usable on Blacktop 6. I pump fake, and the defender flies into the air and straight out tackles me. Foul, right? Nope, just a turnover and I lose half of my teammate grade and drop from A+ to A Otherwise great game, good job 2K Edit: they fixed #5, so shoutout to 2K for listening to the community. However, I recently asked for a trade in MyCareer, and have since learned that you have to play a bunch of games with your current team to raise the interest of the other team. I won MVP, ROY, and DPOY. Who wouldn’t want me on their team? This is ridiculous and time-consuming. Please Fix! P.S. Steph Curry’s release is broke AF




It’s a nice game until you are wide open and miss a green three and they are all the way up

Great Game. Ripped me off

I bought $50.00 worth of Vc expected the 250,000 extra they garuntee however they did not give it to me. I just want to warn others and get my money’s worth.


The only thing that could make that game great is to input the online that’s all I ask after that everything works great.i hope you update it

Delete this game it’s terrible whoever made this game ur dumb


Coins are hard to get

It’s fun but you don’t get enough coins for playing

Keeps crashing in career mode

The app keeps crashing when i try to play career mode, please fix this

Awesome game bbuutt

You can’t call for lobs and also I should see improvement on the shot meter.And also there should be a my team with cards but it’s a great game.also 2k can you release nba mobile

  • send link to app