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NBA 2K18

It’s amazing but it should have online multiplayer

Decent game

I love the new association mode. The career mode is solid. One thing hat is bothering me is if the announcers calling players by he wrong name. The whole game he called Leonard Ginobli. So stupid. Also the sideline reporter will be like. “I talked to coach Rivers at halftime......and that’s t. She doesn’t say what they talked about or anything. Very amateur. Please fix this and can we get it to where we can play online against other Iphone users?

2k developer

Fix the bugs please

NBA 2K18

Ok... I’ve been a devoted player of this title on iPhone for years. I’ve read poor reviews and dismissed them. Well, I’m saddened to say this....I have a poor review. Designers, please listen and fix. When playing, the game would consistently pause due the enabling the control center function within the iOS. Ladies and gentleman, this is annoying. To such a degree I stoped playing. Otherwise, game looks great, graphics are exceptional.


Game seems pretty much like last year so far. Still in blacktop mode (career beginning) but the game keeps crashing. Frustrating. I’m on iPhone 7.

It’s lit but...

Bro this would be so much better if we can play other people like My Park type stuff

Shoot button

The shoot button lags!!

Would be a great game,

Paid $8 for this but my career crashes after first game this game needs a lot of fix and updates

If I could rate any lower I would

I CANT DOWNLOAD ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argggggg

Best game ever!

I downloaded this game and I was like this is amazing!

NBA 2K18

I think it is amazing. It is very fun to play and it has all of the updated teams. The one thing bad about it is that I can never get drafted on my player. What type of player should he be to get drafted?

Great game but serious glitch

The game is extremely fun but there is a glitch, I just won the championship for timberwolves and after I beat the cavs in game 5 i couldn't load my next season


Thank you! Update made game 5 Star worthy now. Thanks for putting spectator mode back in as well. Excellent graphics and player motions for a smartphone game. One last thing though- Will you please update the commentary from announcers. You have it still talking about coach Pop being fined two years ago for resting Key players...🤔. Come on guys! It’s 2k’18’. Update the game fully.

Great game but...

The only problem with this game is that I can't seem to change my shoes in my career. In the start of the game I was able to change my shoes one time and now it no longer allows me to change. Please fix.


This game is great but they should offer better hair styles and in my career you can’t get the arm sleeves and leg sleeves please fix this in a update or in a new game

Game Is great but 1 problem

I have a iPhone 8plus and I’ve been experiencing a problem with the shoot button. There is a lag when I attempt a shot and the player does not shoot for about a second or two. I use the 2k15 controller setting in the large size, the 2k15 setting has always been my favorite and the best fit for me since i started playing 2 years ago. Please help.

Many bugs, not many updates since 2k16

I was really hoping that this game would be an improvement from nba 2k17, but it wasn’t. Matter of fact, I feel like this game has even gotten worse. First of all, this game is very buggy. The commentators always say the wrong player’s names, when you obviously get fouled or foul others there isn’t a call, and I constantly have to change controls from medium to large at the beginning of each game because the game refuses to save the settings. Second of all, this game is far too easy (at least in MyCareer mode). There isn’t an option to change settings and it’s far too easy to get steals, score etc. absolutely no challenge which makes the game feel boring after around 10 games. I really hope that these problems are going to be addressed and fixed in NBA 2k19. Please do not waste your money and keep your NBA 2K17 or 2k16.





I bought it

I could not download it

Not worth it

The game has tons of glitches and shuts down a lot. The only reason I still have it is because I payed for it. Definitely not worth more than a buck. I hope next year will be better.


2k15 graphics with a slightly updated roster 😂😂

How 2K18 is a great game

NBA 2K18 is great game because the graphics the movement the controls are great.not only the players overalls are great the can swish anything for me.This game gets 5 stars.

Update won’t let me load my old my career

I have had this game since it came out and fell in love with it. The game did have some bugs at the begging but were later fixed, but the new update date that just came out won’t let me use my iCloud saving for career mode and is telling me I have to create a new account please do something about this 2k. When I try to load it it says “this save file is not paired with your user profile therefore cannot be loaded. Plz help I really want to keep on playing

Hello don’t get it

Don’t waste your money no online , barely any fun , but has good crossovers and updated 2018 teams .

Awsome Game

Love this game a lot. When im at home bored watching tv or in the car on the road this is a great game to play on your phone and kill time. The only problems I have with this game is that Green light isn’t going to always go in. Green light means 100% welllll not in the game. But I love the shot meter! It makes shooting A LOT more fun and interesting. I hate the fact how my stats got stuck after like the 5th or 6th game. My team wins and losses won’t change. Its like everything froze. Im on the Lakers for My Player and I hate how the commentators talk about Worldpiece when this fool isn’t even on the team and not even on the Lakers in the game. And updates to the teams would be dope. I know it’s a lot of work to put in a phone app, but times are changing and handheld games are starting to become advanced! But overall great game!

Lags a lot

I love this game.Its fun and the mycareer is really good and realistic.Graphics are better and they did a good job on but it lags a lot.I don’t know if it’s because I play on my school iPad and it might be slow or what.When I okay in the nba on my career it lags like crazy and starts flashing random colors and like inverting the colors, it is extremely annoying and it makes it very difficult to play.

It’s ard

Need to fix the bugs an the shoot button sumtimes is off🤦🏻‍♂️

Fix it!

This better stop glitching or else I give it a 0 star

Worst Game On The App Store

I bought this game with high expectations, but I was totally wrong. There are sooooooo many issues with this game 1. THE SHOT METER. YOU COULD GET A GREEN WITH STEPH CURRY AND STILL MISS. FIX THIS. A GREEN SHOULD HAVE A 100% CHANCE OF THE BALL GOING IN! 2. The equipment is disgusting. I like the boosts but the fact that they look horrible and no NBA player would ever wear it, ruins it. Also we should be able to buy sleeves, leg sleeves, and headbands and be able to change the colors. 3. The commentary is awful. They say random player names. For example when I pass the ball in MC too Anthony Davis, he says LeBron James. 4. Crashing is ok, but before the update my game would crash everyday. 5. The loading in the game takes eons to finish. Whenever I exit the 2K Nav, it saves “My Profile” to my iCloud and it takes like 10 minutes

Needs update for Iphone X

Good game but needs update for iphone X

Update helped

The update helped and made the game way bette then it was no more crashes on my phone, thank you 2k .


The game is great, it truly is; however, random colors flash across the screen while playing MyCareer.

Update is good!

Fixed with the recent update. Much appreciated.

Good game but flaws...

Purchased the $4.99 All star Pack and Never god the free 15000 VC😤

Game crashes!!!

I had an 84 overall Mycareer player and then on Monday I tried opening up Mycareer mode and it kept on crashing and now I have to start a whole new Mycareer player!!!

FIX THE 2k16 shoot button!!!



Best basketball game ever has blacktop for some mypark action and quick game my career and a regular season so rate this game #1 basketball game of the world right now on mobile devices well only on iOS for the moment

So many glitches smh

After the latest update, my player endlessly pump fakes when i go to shoot jumpers smh. Save your money.

Please update

Please update this game , when I play the Association (date Feb 20th )can’t load and keep jump out the game ..... delete and download again the app , same same. Please help

My career got stuck

Playoff won't continue after winning the first round


Great game to play. Graphics and the competitiveness of 2K18 have upgraded from previous 2K games. I only wish 2K18 would allow you to listen to your Spotify while in gameplay


U will waste hours & days of your life waiting forever r this game to save which it will constantly do even if u didn’t change anything, u can literally just look in a certain section & every section u look in & make totally no changes, will take 30-45 seconds of saving. Also ironically after all the saving it will NEVER save your settings like controller size or volume setting, every single game u play u will have change it back again, also game is a battery waster, this game has so much potential & would b absolutely awesome if they fixed these small things or put more thought into it

Not good

This game has been awful so far. It’s super laggy the colors glitch out. How about fixing it so that every time you get an excellent release it actually goes in? I get an excellent release and all it does is clank off the rim it’s ridiculous


Every time I get a excellent release, It doesn’t go in all the time. Commentary is a bit screw up. I was playing a curry and got a bucket and the commentators were like “bucket good by Livingston”. Other wise, great game with the MyCareer. The VC grind is real I’m already a 72 overall PG.

Great game but some quirks

It’s definitely a great game if you love basketball and are always on the move. You get to play the game without being on the court or in front of your game console. The one critique I have is that if you hit the power or home button on your phone then the data becomes corrupts and the game has to be deleted and reinstalled which is a major bummer. I was playing recently and I was waiting for it to finish saving so I could shut down the game but my phone went to sleep when I looked away, I had to press the home button to wake it up and the data was corrupted. The game play is fun and excited so over all it’s a great game, just wish they could figure this save feature.

Graphic glitchs

iPad Air 2, flickering screen display, causes seizures

Need iPhone X support

Great game but would like an update to support the iPhone X display.....

NBA 2K18

Reason it’s a 3 out of 5 because every time I load my profile it exits the game and starts over and it’s very irritating. I hope it gets fixed.

My favorite gAme

This is my time killer, i love the game! It does drain the battery like everyone complains but thats because its such high quality its like playing in a ps4 or xbox it looks amazing! The game play is awesome! The controllers are easy to learn

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