NBA 2K18 App Reviews

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Nba 2k19 please?

Please 2k say something. Are we going to have 2K19 ?


Evey thing is great but can yu guys check server 003 my phone hasn’t been able to connect since I downloaded the game . Also can you fix the camera rotation. It transitions but with out the rotation its hard to actually see wats goin on , on one side of the court

Can't Play MyCareer

After i stopped playing MyCareer, i could not go back in plz fix this for five stars can i atleast get my money back


Could be better, could have multiplayer, could release 2K19 mobile by now. Seriously where is it?

Never received purchased VC

I purchased VC but never received it, can someone help me? Otherwise good game.


When is 2k19 release?

Make it 19

Make the better like 2k19 now updates the lasts updates was 5mos ago Come on now


When will there be a update

May y’all release nba 2k19 tomorrow

May y’all release nba 2k19 tomorrow on my birthday please


Can 2k19 come out and could you guys just add multiplayer so the game can be better

Overall great game

I love this game. I like how you enhanced how much you can customize your player because I remember it was impossible to create an Asian player before. Also the Association mode is so fun. I love rebuilding poor teams and making them a dynasty. The only three things that I can even think of changing are the bad call for pass, making rebounding easier so your guy can actually catch the ball, and changing a few player ratings.


The graphics need to improve a lot Needs to be just like ps4 and Xbox one

Deadass lit

For real tho it’s just like on the console. Just without the extra stuff. Can’t wait for nba 2k19 on the iOS.

Don’t buy this game

Just bought it and after days of playing it and my save file reset for 8 dollars don’t buy this game

A complaint

I purchased 50,000 VC for $9.99 and it said 40,000 free I only bought it because I thought I was getting 40,000 plus the 50. I would like my 40,000 to be transferred into my account please. Thank you :)

Nba 2k19

When is nba 2k19 mobile coming out

Will there be a 2k19?

Is there a 2k19?

Game is Great for Mobile

I love this game, and I love most of its features. The association mode is awesome, the commentary is good, and mycareer is splendid. I want to suggest some improvements. First, maybe make the commentary a little more varied. I would also like a pregame and halftime show, and a little bit more of an advanced mycareer. I also want there to be a 2k19 for mobile! I was so sad when I found out there would be none. Please make one. Thanks!

Fix the crashes please!!!!!

It’s a great game. Love it on the go. But please fix the my career mode. Crashes at the end of the game before the interviews. So I can’t progress! Same with NBA2K17!! Please fix!!

Not connecting to network

I had a 80+ overall my career player I grinder my butt off to get it up there no coins or nothing I didn’t buy anything I just want to be able to restore my files but every time I do it’ll get back to the home screen and say unable to connect to the network

this game need fix

this games is stopping when I play it take me back to my home screen can y'all fix it please If y'all don't I want my money back

Best game for a phone yet

I’ve played a full season on this game and opted to play it on my phone over my 360. Ha! I think that speaks volumes about the quality of this game. By far the best game I’ve ever played on the phone and very responsive.


Does the game update or are you guys going to make a new one available for purchase ?


Waiting for the update


2k19! Needs Bluetooth Multiplayer Plzz....Or Something That Allows Connection With Other Players


It’s ridiculous how it says green but you miss it

Does not work

My son purchased this app with money he had saved. The app keeps stopping at when he tries to create a name for his character. Extremely disappointed. We would like to be refunded.

Can’t dunk in MyCareer

Why can’t I effin dunk in this gawddamn game??????? Been playing 2k basketball games since it was Sega back in the 90’s Come on!!!

Refund Please

Cannot pass through creating a player.

Where is 2k19

I want 2k19 :(

My career

Please come out with a my career online blacktop just like ps3 please put (the crew )on 2k19 as a game mode besides that love this game


When y’all gone update too 2k19


Not the best

Update plz

Yall need to update the game with the new roster 2k19 mobile...

Please read...

May you guys add MyPark or MyGym? It would make the game a lot better.

Simple fix

Release 2k19


We need NBA 2K19! NBA2k19 NBA2k19

Looking forward to 2k19 on iOS

Love this game its topped all the other 2ks, just looking for 2k19 to come out & the career mode to be better then the last.


Cavs win the finals too much

Great! but needs lots of things added DEVS PLEASE READ THIS!!!💎💎💎

First of all the game is great but it needs a story mode with cutscenes. Also you need to add MyPark and a phone that your player has with your messages and schedules. And you need to add the Beats setting. I am tired of having to listen to all these random songs and not being able to listen to my favorites. And most importantly Where Is Shammy!?!? Shammy is one of the most important characters in the story and he is what makes your Mycareer fun. And also all the other characters. I hope you read this and please add these in the upcoming Update.👍


To many bugs, can’t jump for a rebound?????? On defense or offensive. Can’t jump on jump ball?? Please come up with a better storyline from previous two 2K18-17 big fan but put same energy as the real game.

My career

My career crash when u play playoffs first round

Awesome Game!

2K is the best! We all know about your insane graphics! I have just a request, please is there anyway We can be able to call for alley-op pass in my career!! 🙏🙏 please! Let this be a gift in the coming NBA2K19.. I love you guys!

Can you guys do something with this freakin reach in foul sh*t?

Everytime I press steal (especially in hall of fame mode) it says i fouled on a player. What is the point of putting steal button in a game if you guys just make it a foul?? Please fix this and also how can i turn this trash in - game music off?

Things they need to add

They need to add park so I can go against other players and rep up and grand badge an stuff

Free throw glitch

Cant even play a full game without getting this odd free throw glitch. It brings me to the foul line and then i cant shoot. The only way out is to quit and play the whole game again. Please fix this bug. Makes the game unplayable

Game crashes

In career mode after playing the All Star Game the game crashes and you can’t play any more and have to start all over again. Game also crashes for no reason at all sometimes.

NBA 2k19

Please Could You Put Online On NBA 2k19 Mobile Please & Could You Put Good graphic on It please

NBA 2k19

Can’t wait for NBA 2k19 mobile, please release it this month! Please and thank you!

Needs improvement

You get the game and it takes some time to download maybe for just some people but my phone died and when I try to go back into my game it’s glitches me out every time. It needs work and if your phone shuts off you can lose everything in which happened to me and it took a long time to get to that point it’s basically pointless to get the game back because I have to restart it’s not worth the money.

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